About the Agari Cyber Intelligence Division

The Agari Cyber Intelligence Division (ACID) is the only counterintelligence research team dedicated to worldwide business email compromise and spearphishing investigation. ACID supports Agari’s unique mission of protecting digital communications so that humanity prevails over evil. The team works to uncover identity deception tactics, criminal group dynamics, and relevant trends in advanced email attacks. Created in 2018, ACID helps to impact the cyber threat ecosystem and mitigate cybercrime activity by working with law enforcement and other trusted partners.

About Agari Active Defense™

Agari Active Defense is a tool used by ACID to automate active engagement sessions with cyber threat actors as a way to collect intelligence about adversary tactics and targets.

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Recent Reports

Threat Actor Dossier
Scattered Canary
June 19, 2019

Business email compromise has continued to grow into a billion-dollar industry as cybercriminals turn to it as their preferred scam. But with the West African gang we’ve named Scattered Canary, we have deeper insight into how BEC is connected to the rest of ...

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Threat Actor Dossier
London Blue
December 3, 2018

Nigeria has been a hub for scammers since long before the Internet came into wide use, and it remains one of the world’s primary centers for active gangs, including many that are focused on BEC. But with London Blue, a Nigerian gang has extended its base of ...

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